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P1 Connector
MOLLE Connector For Life

P1 Connector Replaceable Parts.jpg

Portineer patented P1 Connector is a versatile, rugged MOLLE connector designed to give years of life. 


But, sometimes things don't go as planned.

In the rugged environment that many of you use the P1 Connector in, things like wear and tear and damage can occur. We didn't want the P1 Connector to be compromised due to the wear or damage of one part.


To that end, we designed and support our P1 Connector so you can have it for life!

We believe that things should be fixed, not thrown away when they need repair. Products should be designed with maintainability in mind. In the event that something goes wrong with your P1 Connector, we carry replacements parts (most times for free) to get your P1 Connector back in shape.


Use the form below to request a part for your P1 Connector and we'll ship you a new one. In the event we need any further information we'll be in touch.

We are currently only shipping replacement parts to US addresses.

Request a Replacement Part for P1 Connector

Your request has been sent.

Give us 5 business days to get back to you after you place your request.


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